Bruno Acampora Musc

Bruno Acampora Musc has caused a bit of a twitter among online perfume fans, eliciting commentary such as, “it is just very smooth, and I had my nose glued to my wrist all night”; “I find it enchanting and beautiful, with a tremendous sillage”, “the drydown is very smooth and satisfying” and “It, I don’t know, GETS to me somehow!”

Some even go so far as to claim that it’s the best in its league, though I have to admit to an uncertainty regarding which league they could possibly be referring to — the Sweet Vanilla & Clove Musk League, perhaps?

Because, as an outright musk, I find the Bruno Acampora version a bit too lacy handkerchief and crinolines for my taste, as if the idea behind the creation of BA Musc was to make a musk scent for people who abhor the genuine article.

Marie-Helene Wagner at The Scented Salamander states that Bruno Acampora Musc is “too structured, a bit blocky, and not sinuous enough” when I think its problem is all that plus some — it’s too sweet, too floaty, gauzy and feminine; it works too hard at social prettiness and good manners rather than embracing its natural, slinky, earthy state of being.

The vanilla killed it for me almost from the get-go. The cloves, violets and roses were just insults added to the injury. So I did what any desperate musk lover would do — I grabbed my bottle of CB I Hate Perfume Musk Reinvention absolute and dumped a good amount into the Bruno Acampora Musc jar, then gave the little jar a good shake.

I cautiously opened the cork stopper to reveal . . . ah, heaven! The CB Musk Reinvention had wiped out everything silly and bashful about BA Musc, and what resulted was a very smooth, warm musk oil that smelled more like a second skin than a Jessica Simpson perfume factory.

Thank god for CB I Hate Perfume.

Below are some shots of the bottle and packaging for Bruno Acampora Musc. The pretty pink ribbon and pink puffy backlayer were my first indications that something was going to be very amiss about this musk experience:

Bruno Acampora Musc: in box

Bruno Acampora Musc: open

Bruno Acampora Musc: close-up

I guess I’ll have to do more pre-ordering research next time, but all’s well that ends well, and I now have a bottle of CB corrected Acampora musk oil in my cupboard that I can happily wear.

But really — a vanilla flavored musk? Are they insane?


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