Sharing the Wealth: “Ready for Dessert” by David Lebovitz

I previously mentioned it here and here, but am offering a last reminder that I’m giving away three copies of “Ready for Dessert” by David Lebovitz, presently my favorite dessert cookbook and one I imagine I’ll be turning to time and again for failsafe, non-prescription mood enhancers.

Book: "Ready for Dessert" by David Lebovitz

To participate in the book bonanza, just leave a comment in the comment section with your name, where you’re from and your favorite David Lebovitz recipe (or the Lebovitz recipe you’d most like to call your own).

I’ll choose three names by midnight of April 10th (this upcoming Sunday), and if I can get Amazon to deliver to those addresses (some countries may not apply, though keep in mind that will deliver to Australia and New Zealand, for instance), then we’ll have three happy readers soon on their way to Lebovitz baking nirvana.

Here are some published reviews of the book, just in case you don’t want to take my word for how great it is:

The Good Taste Review: “This book is a veritable playground of temptations and inspirations, fueled further by Maren Caruso’s understated yet deliciously compelling photography . . . With the writer’s extensive pastry experience, you’re getting 170 creatively diverse recipes that actually work, even for the novice baker.”

Squid Ink: “This is food porn at its best.”

Serious Eats: “An absolutely gorgeous book filled with pages upon pages of recipes and photos that will motivate you to get in the kitchen and start baking.”

Book: "Ready for Dessert" by David Lebovitz

The Gastronomer’s Bookshelf: “I’ve always viewed Lebovitz as a modern-day Julia Child. Proven creds, strong training, and a wit that wraps his recipes like taut butcher’s twine . . . Home bakers of all levels will appreciate the simple and sure recipes, while advanced bakers will take the foundations and whisk in their own personality.”

Food for the Thoughtless: “High production values (great recipes and gorgeous photography by Maren Caruso); a cast of stars (Chocolate Orbit Cake, Kumquat Sticky Toffee Pudding, Apple-Quince Tarte Tatin) that are hot, but not out of reach; and a writer who supplies, if not a story line, then enough anecdotes to keep me interested (The Racine’s Cake recipe was, after all, found written on a men’s room wall). It’s one sexy book.”

Book: "Ready for Dessert" by David Lebovitz

Daily Dish: “‘Ready for Dessert’ is a greatest-hits album of sorts for Lebovitz, an occasional L.A. Times contributor whose blog is must reading for anyone who loves food, loves to read about food, or ever thought about running away to Paris.”

Slash Food: “There’s a lot of Lebovitz in this book, and he’s by far the best ingredient . . . It’s an enticing, beautiful book with charm and know-how … buy it and bake the living daylights out of it.”

Book: "Ready for Dessert" by David Lebovitz

Gluten-Free Girl: “I’m never letting go of this baking book because every single recipe works. It is one of the few baking books I will keep forever in our home.”

Recipes that Worked: “This cookbook is full of just the kind of recipes you’d expect from a chef who took his baking training in France and Belgium and now lives in Paris: Desserts that are culinary classics, but have a lovely twist to them.”

And I can personally vouch for the taste bud-scrambling goodness of the kitchen-maestro’s chocolate chip cookies, fresh ginger cake and pistachio-cardamom cake.

So if you’re interested in a copy of “Ready for Dessert”, let me know who you are and what your Lebovitz dream date looks like — you know, the one where you and his book spend hours of quality getting-to-know-you time in your kitchen . . . what did you think I was talking about?

*UPDATE: The three lucky recipients of the best little dessert book that could are: Roni, QWendy and Una. I already have shipping addresses for Roni and Wendy, but Una, please email me with your name, mailing address and telephone number (Amazon requires all three) and I’ll get a copy of “Ready for Dessert” out to you ASAP.

To the rest of you, thank you for participating. And let’s do this again . . . soon!


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