A place to call home

Below is a picture I took on our property the last time we were in Arrowtown — we were there to meet with the architect and builders, to initiate a time-plan and get the project moving into its first official steps.

We’re starting to narrow down our options and express a much clearer idea of what it is we want to do on/with the land, so even though everything is still very much in the pre-planning stage, it feels like the overall project is beginning to take on real shape and definition.

The land on both sides of the fence is ours, and it extends up the hill beyond the trees in the background, too. You can see the ripening barley field on the right, which was a great sign for us. The Otago region appears to be a great place for growing grains, which makes the idea of growing our own wheat and barley for future distilling into vodka and whisky a potentially achievable goal.

We’ll probably have to build our own storing and drying facilities, however; not to mention a small distillery. But hey, dreaming is the easy part, right?

Here’s another shot from the neighbour’s adjoining farmland looking back towards our own (and yes, we asked permission to walk on their land before climbing the fence . . . I feel like such a responsible adult as I type those words).

Elderberry trees grow with great vigour in the area, so when I plant apple, pear and cherry trees on our property, I’m going to make sure to include a couple of extra Elderberry trees to help everything blend in a bit better with what’s already surrounding us.

And we still haven’t settled on what type of dog (dogs?) we’re going to get. It’s an endless debate — well, endless until we actually visit a breeder and walk away with a pup in our arms.

My partner seems to prefer the idea of a German Shepherd, and I don’t have any real objections to that — but we’re still several years away from a completed house, so there’s not any genuine reason for us to make up our mind right now.

Hence the seemingly “endless” part of the debate. And watching the Sporting Group video from the latest Westminster Kennel Club Show only makes the choice more difficult — they’re all such terrific dogs.

How does anyone decide on just one?!!